"Coffee Birds - Pigeon", Procreate

"Coffee Birds - Blue Jay", Procreate

“Together Crabbing” Photoshop. For Together Breakfast Zine, curated by Jenny Son. Inspired by Steven Universe (c) Cartoon Network.

“Sword Woof and Birb Mage” Photoshop.

“Nest of the Celestials” Photoshop. For Birb Zine, curated by Dechanique.

“3D Iron Man” Photoshop. Illustration prep for ChalkFest Buffalo 2015 chalk. Inspired by 'Iron Man’ (c) Marvel, Disney.

“Osprey” Photoshop. Illustration prep for East End Arts Community Mosaic 2015 chalk.

"Space Owls (Zeus & Hera)" Photoshop. Illustration prep for Bloom n' Chalk Fest 2014.

“Inkling” Photoshop. 2015. Inspired by 'Splatoon’ (c) Nintendo.

“The Legend of Cucco” Photoshop illustration to prep for Clearwater Beach Chalk Festival 2014 chalk. Original parody piece inspired by ‘Legend of Zelda’ (c) Nintendo.

“Aurora” Photoshop. 2014.
Inspired by Child of Light (c) Ubisoft.

“3D We are here!” Photoshop. Illustration prep for ChalkFest Buffalo 2014. Photoshop. Inspired by ‘Horton Hears a Who’ by Dr. Suess.

"Baby Tengu", Pencil & Ink, for Sketchdailies

"Chibi Galanoth." T-shirt design and painting for Heromart.com. Galanoth (c) Artix Entertainment.

"Battle Gems Pet Sample" Designed and illustrated in Flash.
(c) Artix Entertainment, LLC.


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