Figure Drawing & Studies

  • Type figure drawing, observation, portrait, classical, study, brainstorm, photoshop, clip studio, charcoal, pastel

“Study of Rubens' Battle of Anghiari.” Photoshop. 2 hours.

“Study of Carlo Dolci’s Portrait of a Young Woman as Saint Apollonia” Photoshop. 1-2 hours.

Bob Ross Day 2016 quick paint. Photoshop. 2.5 hours.

Bob Ross Day 2015 quick paint. Photoshop. 2 hours.

“Green Beauty” study for chalk art. Photoshop. 4 hours.

"Male Portrait." Charcoal. 20 mins.

"Bird Studies." Pencil.

"Gesture Studies." Pencil. 2 mins.

"Lotus." Ink and brush. 15 mins.

“Sitting.” Charcoal. 20 mins.

"Resting." Charcoal. 20 mins.

"Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco." Pen and ink.

Mayan Conservation/Restoration study.

"Crayola Nude." Chalk.

“Socks.” 20 mins.